Commercial Green Building – An Introduction

Today’s built environment results in enormous demand for energy, water and material resources, and produces vast amounts of waste and harmful toxins. Simultaneously, aging infrastructure is driving up the cost of essential services. (Commercial energy consumption is one of the largest contributors to pollution and green house gas emissions in Canada, with annual costs in excess of $17B). Faced with this reality, we must ask ourselves – as engineers, architects and builders – how can we design for environmental and economic sustainability?

Indeed, our clients are increasingly seeking improved performance from their buildings. And it is through commercial green building design that we can realize positive change – in terms of human health and productivity, environmental responsibility and an affordable bottom line. Innovative systems and processes can significantly reduce energy and water consumption, material waste and operating and maintenance costs, while also delivering high-quality indoor environments that people love to live and work in.

Looking ahead, LSI Engineering’s blog will explore commercial green building strategies and outcomes in greater detail. We hope you’ll find the topic interesting and relevant, that you’ll join in the discussion and encourage others to as well, and that you’ll consider LSI when it comes to ‘greening’ your next project.

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