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Construction Process

Your house is your sanctuary; you want nothing but the best for the residents of your dwelling and their living lifestyles. Is it in the hands of a careful company who understands your safety needs, functionality and all of your visual details? With 28 years of experience, LSI Engineering has been providing the Greater Toronto Area with superior construction project management – and you can be next.

LSI promises a straightforward, joyful construction experience, providing a wide variety of construction project management services, by acting as Agency CM and at the risk of CM prior to and during construction respectively. Alternately, LSI acts as an At-Risk CM, In which case we act as a General Contractor during the construction phase. Our company breaks the procedure into two phases.

First Phase: Development & Design

–      The client contracts directly with the consultant.

Second Phase: Construction

–      The client contracts with the sub-contractors and suppliers.

Alongside so, the phases of the building construction itself involve, in order, the site preparation, foundation building, structure construction, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, exterior finish and fenestration (windows,) insulation, interior finishings and furnishings, ending with landscaping. With every new project, the LSI teams see an opportunity to develop lasting relationships and improve upon our own performance standards.

Why retain a Construction Manager? Large projects can be complex. A good construction manager is the glue holding the process together. The benefit of an independent team is enormous.

A professional construction manager not only serves as an objective, protecting the client’s and project’s best interests, reduce overall project costs in excess of their frees, and advise the client on retention of the best qualified team project, but also provides realistic and reliable budgets as well as optimize and accelerate construction process and schedule.

Benefits are endless, having a Construction Manager allows the process to be moved along smoothly, and yet still kept under control. ISL Engineering is fully committed to every phase of the project – from conception to completion. We continue to reach to greater heights by acquiring new skills, competencies and knowledge, and diversifying our project solutions.

Choose L.S.I Engineering among construction companies and get one of the best expert’s team in the Toronto area. Call us today and see how we can assist you!