construction project management


Our Construction Project Management Process

LSI Engineering works strictly with competent and reliable subcontractors and suppliers on all our projects across Toronto and the GTA. We insist on transparency and fairness in these relationships, as they are integral to our delivery of superior project outcomes.

LSI is continually diversifying and expanding, in order to meet the challenges of the new projects we take on. To support this dynamism, we are always looking for qualified and competent subcontractors. Supporting local subcontractors, trades and industry professionals is also one of the ways that we give back to the community.

LSI tenders standard subcontracts for a pre-qualification process that helps us to identify appropriate suppliers and subcontractors. The selections are based on each service provider’s ability to work within the required time-frame, their known construction and financial capacities, as well as safety certifications and performance related statistics.

As an LSI subcontractor, you’ll work closely with us. You’ll be aligned with us in the general contracting, which will commit to the client’s time-frame, cost, desired quality, safety goals and other conditions. As the construction project manager, we maintain control of and take responsibility for project delivery. However, we want our teams to be flexible. The role of subcontractors and the exact mix of LSI self-delivery and subcontractor involvement with each location, client and project.