Powerful Benefits for Clients and Owners

As one of Toronto’s  leading Design-Build Companies, LSI Engineering has an experienced team of designers, engineers, and construction management professionals to manage your project. Our turnkey operation gives you certainty on the three key project parameters: quality, cost, and scheduling.

Better Return on Investment

  • We leverage our experience as project managers and owners of our own projects to better understand your point of view and objectives. We understand the services, costs and financial risks inherent in the Design-Build process, and have the resources to manage them.

Improved Communication

  • Our team includes experts in  development, design and construction. In speaking the different ‘languages’ of these disciplines, we ensure that our clients are well informed and that their priorities remain intact throughout the process.

Minimized Risk

  • From the outset, Owners can view projected cash flows of the future facility, work back to the project life-cycle cost that can be sustained by that cash flow, and back again to determine the best design for the facility at that price. For both owner and service provider, the process transcends dollars; it becomes about the most efficient and effective use of their resources.

Fast Project Completion

  • Improved communication facilitates faster and better decision-making during the design, planning and construction phases. As a result of our emphasis on communication, LSI projects are completed quicker, saving you time and money.