Our Process

At LSI Engineering Limited, we value the uniqueness of each individual client and that of their project. Be it a custom design-build, a complex addition or a simple renovation, we will take care to provide and review with you the scope of work, cost estimate, schedule and material specifications. Below is an overview of the LSI workflow:

From Conceptual Design to Post-Construction LSI gives shape to the concepts that will guide the project and insures that the scope of work has been successfully met according to the final agreement, and any applicable regulation, legislation and/or industry standards found therein.

Experienced construction project management is vital to the success of any project. It reduces the stress on the Owner, and the likelihood of errors, omissions, and unwieldy changes in the design phases. Further, it is integral to managing the schedule, budget and cash flow, by predicting material needs and labour payments. LSI has numerous satisfied clients who can attest to our excellence in construction management.