land investment

Private Investment in Partnership & Development

With instability in the stock and resource markets, and interest rates that will remain low for the foreseeable future, there is no time like the present to invest in land within Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)..

LSI’s Land Investment Advisory Team partners with public and private sector entities who are seeking opportunities in financing, developing, purchasing, and operating land investment. Through decades of domestic and international experience, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to successful partnerships and projects.  Our approach is informed by technical skills and knowledge that span financial analysis, tax planning, accounting treatments, real estate sales and valuation, risk analysis, construction practices, change management and project management.

Maximizing Investment. Minimizing Risk.

  • If you are interested in investing in an upcoming project, please contact us. Opportunities are typically medium to large, long-term land development projects in the commercial, medical,  industrial or residential sectors.
  • Most investors offer $150,000 as their initial minimum investment. Others eager to participate in a larger project with a potentially larger return may invest up to $5 to 10 million dollars. We will work with you to find the right fit.
  • As a private investor and partner in land development, you need to feel confident that the team you are investing with and partnering with has the skill set beyond construction. LSI has provided premium turnkey planning, design, construction, investment and partnership services since 1984.

LSI Engineering has:

  • A proven track record of working productively with partners
  • Financial strength, willingness to be an owner of assets, and the certainty of being around for the long haul
  • A credible Real Estate and Finance group that can be project concessionaire
  • An understanding of and the ability to manage risk in all its dimensions, throughout the project life cycle
  • The ability to offer and meet cost and provide cash flow through all phases

At LSI Engineering we are not just high-level Construction Managers – the key to our success is our underlying operations and our “Win-Win” partner philosophy. Adopting the best experts in each field, we have created a quick, effective, competent and cost-effective operating group.

 Key Operating Partners:

  • Working only with the most qualified and competent industry experts, LSI Engineering significantly reduces risk as it relates to project execution. Our key operating partners are experts in their respective disciplines with substantial experience in planning, development, design and construction.

Key Internal Operations:

  • With active real estate staff in the field, we are able to assess and analyze emerging opportunities quickly – we typically have over 10 potential investment opportunities under review at any given time. This reduces the risk of capital drag and provides a sufficient pool from which to select the mostcompelling investments.